Empresa Fabril de Moura LDA are a well-established and a reputable international wholesaler & distributor of fast-moving consumer goods across the regions. Globally oriented, we deal with A-grade branded products focusing on food & beverages, confectioneries, and toiletries. We distinguish ourselves through our dedication, commitment, and personal touch. Our aim is to serve our clients’ needs and we very well believe this is achieved by providing our utmost best service at all levels of our firm. We continuously strive to explore new markets and believe in building long-term relationships. In all the services we provide, our goal remains the same – To provide clients with reliable & long-term solutions in the utmost satisfaction level as it did when we started 18 years ago.

Our company is diversified into segregated divisions in order to provide the best services to our clients.


In a globally connected world, we trade with companies from all over the world, from the Americas and Caribbean to Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA) regions, and to the Far East (including Australia & New Zealand). Our Sales representative team consists of individuals driven with global experience in the FMCG world, with country and region responsibilities. We have developed a deep understanding with our consumers as the key to success factors, ensuring our clients receive the best of the best.
Our Global Sourcing department is constantly on the search for new suppliers across the globe. Their efforts ensure ongoing price optimization and maintain the success of our purchase strategies. We always encourage our suppliers to compete, providing their best services, and grow together with us.

The backbone of our firm manages the Logistics operation and coordinates the shipments with carriers and suppliers. They plan and direct all activities involved in inventory control, security, and compliance. Our expert warehousing team members ensure quality control check that needs to meet a clear, consistent set of standards.
We carry out extensive financial management within the consumer products industry. Our individual roles include leading teams, supporting marketing, supply chain & logistics functions, within the organization as well as general finance and accounting responsibilities.